Flying After Diving

"Flying after Diving or Ascending to Altitude after Diving when is it safe"

So you have booked your holiday and are going diving but the hotel is half way up a mountain….can you do it? Umgh…?

What people forget is that ascending to altitude is exactly the same as flying after diving. You need to be careful to minimise your risk of Decompression Sickness (DCS)
So what are the guidelines?

Ascending to Altitude Post Diving

The original work was done by the Swiss physician Albert Buehlmann cerca 1986, and was used in the US Navy Diving manual. It suggested that immediate ascent to 600 metres/2000 feet altitude is possible, post diving, with low risk of DCS. Although it comes with the caveate that following these recommendations reduces DCS risk but does not guarantee that a diver will avoid DCS.

So divers book your accommodation with care. Here in Tenerife the base of Mnt Teide is over 2400M.

To check the altitude of where you are staying you use the following link


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