El Condesito

El Condesito before it sunk El Condesito before it sunk

Depth 10-18m Level Novice/Advanced. This was a cargo ship carring bags of cement between the islands which ran aground after developing "alcohol related" steering problems. Lying between 10-18 meters, the wreck itself has now broken up, exposing the boiler and engine room.

Access is easy from the rear hold swimming through the remains of the cargo. The wreck is home to a family of Trumpet Fish and Octopus, with the top of the wreck surrounded by thousands of Sardines. From here we can swim off to an area with Black Coral, spectacular views at 40 meters with a drop of to 60 meters and deeper.

{mosmap width='80%'|height='450'|lat='28.010474'|lon='-16.711886'|zoom='13'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='0'|mapType='Hybrid'| showMaptype='1'|overview='0'|tooltip='El Condesito'|marker='0'}

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